Staff Inclement Weather Procedures

Staff Guide for 2022-2023

There is always a possibility that the district may have to alter its schedule when  inclement weather occurs. If the district needs to close, postpone school, or dismiss early, decisions will only be made after district administrators have completed a thorough investigation of the weather conditions, or expected weather threats, for our area.  
In the event of a closure, delay or early dismissal, it is important that all staff members clearly understand district  announcements and any expectations related to their workday.  Know that if schools are only closed to students, staff will have a number of options available to them. 
PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of what  announcement is made, the principal or director has the authority to require specific employees to report to work if they are considered essential to the school’s operation. These are “essential personnel.” 
One of four announcements concerning the operation of the school district will be made and communicated to families, staff and the public. Please review this guidance so you can be aware of how these possible announcements will affect you.
These guidelines replace any previous district guidance and procedures that were in place.


There will be no school for students and the workday has been canceled for staff. This includes both 10 and 12 month employees. A make-up schedule will be determined by the Superintendent.


All non-essential personnel will report to work two (2) hours beyond their normal starting time or will exercise one of the following options:
  • Taking an annual leave day
  • Taking leave without pay
  • Taking personal leave (applies to licensed personnel only)
  • Document make up time with your immediate supervisor

  • Employees not able to report to work due to road and weather conditions will have the option to make up time missed to avoid using leave as approved by the immediate supervisor.  
  • Make-up time of six (6) hours is required to replace an eight-hour workday missed due to inclement weather. 
  • Principals and Department Heads will be responsible for developing and implementing a process to notify employees if workplace is opened or not. 
  • Employees have the option of working at a different WCPS site than normal, depending upon road and weather conditions, but must first report this to his/her immediate supervisor or designee and receive approval from immediate supervisor or designee at alternate workplace.  
  • All provisions noted above are in effect unless otherwise directed by the Superintendent.  


All non-essential personnel will report to work two (2) hours beyond their normal starting time and  the student day will begin at individual schools two hours later than normal.  


Unless specified otherwise by the Superintendent, in the event school is dismissed early, school-based staff will be dismissed as soon as all students are safely en route. Central Services and support area departmental staff will be dismissed at the discretion of the Superintendent.  In either case, time will not have to be made up. 


In the event schools are closed due to inclement weather on an Optional or Designated Teacher Workday, all non-essential personnel are to follow the guidance outlined under CLOSED FOR STUDENTS. 
If it is announced that WCPS will be closed for staff on an Optional or Designated Workday, then all non-essential personnel are to follow the guidance outlined under CLOSED FOR STUDENTS & STAFF. 
In all situations, check your email for important information from the district or your supervisor, which may include added guidance for staff. 


In the event of a closure or delay, staff will be notified via WCPS email and a phone call through the Instant Connect notification system if a decision is made after-hours. 


Announcements will also be made via various television channels and radio stations to inform the public. If a closure or delay is expected on the same day of an inclement weather event, it is the district's goal to have announcements aired on local television and radio stations no later than  5:30 a.m. 
PLEASE NOTE: Staff should rely on the WCPS communication systems for their information. In addition to the call system and district email, the most current and reliable district information will be found online at:
@WayneCountyPS (Twitter/Facebook)
District announcements will also be made via the Wayne County Public Schools Mobile App, downloadable via the Google Play Store or Apples iTunes.


The safety and well-being of our students and staff are our top priority. Employees should use this guide to better understand district procedures when schools are closed, delayed, or dismissed early due to inclement weather.
Staff should also know their options when schools are closed to students, but it is an optional workday for employees. Each staff member must make his or her own responsible decision when weather conditions are hazardous.  The worst consequence of choosing not to travel to a worksite due to road or weather conditions in their area would be the loss of a day’s pay.  This is a small price to pay for safety and continued healthy service.
WCPS principals and supervisors will work with you within these guidelines, but only you are in a position to balance your options with safety.  
NOTE: If no announcement is made, all schools will be operating on their regular schedule.
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