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WCPS Testing Calendar is available for parents: 2018-19. Note: Adjustments may be made to testing calendar as needed.

Here are the "big" state-required accountability tests: 
•  End-of-grade tests in grades 3-8 in reading and math (EOG)
•  Science tests in grades 5 and 8 
•  End-of-course tests in Biology, Algebra I and English II (EOC)
Students enrolled in kindergarten through 2nd grade are typically given reading assessments every nine weeks.
Students in grades 3 through 8 in North Carolina's public schools spend approximately 10 hours out of 1,025 instructional hours per year taking state end-of-grade tests.
At the high school level, students take a final exam for each course they are taking. So, if a student takes eight courses a year, they would take eight final exams. Among these end-of-course tests, there are three required assessments developed at the state level: Biology, Algebra I (if the student did not take Algebra I in middle school), and English II. These end-of-course tests are final exams in the course. Typically, students take these courses at the 9th and 10th grade.  The proficiency rates on these tests are used as a part of the General Assembly's A-F Accountability System. There are also NCFEs (NC Final Exams) for particular core area courses. 

Glossary of Tests
End of Grade tests: Elementary students begin state testing, or "End-of-Grade" (EOG) in Grade 3. EOG testing continues through all grade levels of middle school. The EOG test includes a mathematics and an English/Language Arts (ELA) portion at each grade level. A science section is included in grades 5 and 8.
End-of-Course (EOC) Testing: High school students take end-of-course (EOC) tests for those courses the state has designed assessments. EOC tests are currently required in English II, Algebra I, and Biology.
VoCATS Testing: High school students take VoCATS tests for career & technical education (CTE) courses, as designated by the state. For more information, contact the Career Development Coordinator (CDC) at your child's high school.
NCFEs: Student take NC Final Exams (NCFE) in designated courses, to include the following high school courses: English I, III, IV; American History I & II, American History: Founding Principles, Civics & Economics; Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Earth/Environmental Science. As well, the following, elementary and middle school courses are included: social studies grades 4-8; science grades 4, 6, 7.
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