Bus Information

If you need to send a note concerning a bus issue it is important that you put the address, date, child's name and a number where you can be reached. Always sign the note as well. This information will insure less confusion and will make sure your child is on the correct bus.

Eagle Bus Pride

Remain in your assigned seat and stay seated.

Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times

Speak quietly to your neighbors—No yelling

Keep your legs, feet, and book bag out of the aisles

Car Rider Information

If your child is a car rider these are some basic rules for pick-up and drop-off procedures. Please refer to your handbook for official school policy.
  • The door's open for car rider drop off at 7:00am and ends at 7:30am. After this time you need to bring your child to the front entrance PARK in a space and sign your child in at the office.
  • You should not drop your child off at the front of the school prior to 7:30am. Use the car rider drop off area. The front area is reserved for buses and handicapped children. There are no cars allowed in this area while unloading buses. If you must come in use the gravel lot located beside the car rider lane.
  • The front parking lot is closed to traffic at 2:15pm. Buses pull around at 2:20pm and if you are parked in the front lane you will be blocked in until 3:10 when buses leave. By 2:20pm there is no traffic allowed in the front area, this is a safety concern for our students who will be boarding the buses. Only vehicles picking up handicapped children are allowed at that time.
  • Some parents arrive as early as 2:00pm to wait in the car rider lane. If you walk in to get your child or are picking your child up after 2:15pm please park in the gravel parking lot and walk in the office to get your child.
  • The front parking area will re-open for traffic after all buses are gone around 3:00pm. 
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