World History

World History (1st Period)

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In history, we must be aware that we are learning about the past by looking at the story of many who have come before us. The statement that I find so very true is, “we don’t know where we are going until we know where we have been,” rings vibrantly in my mind when I think of history. It is so very important that we know our history so that we know how our present moment came to be. In this class we will cover everything from the first civilizations and empires, the early modern world, and moving toward our present global civilization. We will capture points in time and how those moments have affected our society today.

August 31-September 4

This week in World History we will be diving into some close looks at Mesopotamia and the first civilizations of the world.  We will be discussing a lot of important fundamental social studies concepts such as geography, religion, and government.  Your work will include logging into Canvas and completing a warm-up (do now) as well as a discussion question daily.  There are some assignments to be turned in via Google forms and you should also be taking notes from the PowerPoints that are posted.  If you have any questions about this weeks assignments, please call or e-mail me at the information below!

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