About Us

About Us

North Drive Elementary School is located at 1108 North Drive in Goldsboro, NC.  It serves the public in the City of Goldsboro and surrounding areas with grades Kindergarten through Second Grade.  The school's mission is to create an atmosphere of learning and literacy so that all students have an equal opportunity for learning and growth.
Information About Our School
North Drive Elementary is a school with 500+ students in grades pre-K - 2. Originally designed as an open school without walls, it is now configured as a traditional school with self-contained rooms.

It has a computer lab with 26 internet-connected computers, and most classrooms have at least 3 computers that are connected to the internet.

Art, music, and P.E. programs are provided for all students.

Free breakfast and lunch are provided daily.
Get a map of our location in Goldsboro by clicking here

North Drive Pledge 

I pledge allegiance to MYSELF,
the greatest kid around,
and because of this,
I will do my best every
moment of the day.
If I make a mistake, 
I will learn from it,
forgive myself, and go on.

I am important to my school and my family.
I am lovable and capable and glad I am me.

I am a North Drive Elementary Student!

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