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Contact Information

Email Directory

Phone number: 919-751-7110
FAX number: 919-751-7117

Dr. Keel - [email protected]
Assistant Principal 
Mr. Cromartie, Jr. - [email protected]
School Counselor
Ms. Phillips - [email protected]
Media Center Specialist
Ms. Davis - [email protected]
Ms. Langley - [email protected]
Data Manager
Ms. Bynum - [email protected]
Instructional Coach
Ms. Watson - [email protected] 

Ms. Artist - [email protected]
Support Staff
Ms. Oakley (Nurse) - [email protected]
Mr. Stephens (Behavior Specialists) - [email protected]
Mrs. Smith (Social Worker) - [email protected]

Exceptional Childern
Ms. Earp - [email protected]
Ms. Holmes - [email protected]
Ms. Sutton - [email protected]
Ms. Leary - [email protected]
Ms. Turner - [email protected]
Instructional Assistants
Charlotte Boyette - [email protected]
Verline McClarin - [email protected]
Tammy King - [email protected]
Ms. Best (Art) - [email protected]
Mrs. Bendetti - (Spanish/ESL) [email protected]
Ms. Hill (Exploring Technology) - [email protected]
Mr. Morris (Music/Chorus) - [email protected]
Mrs. Spruill (Business Technology) - [email protected]
Mr. Richardson (Band) - [email protected]
Coach A. Johnson (PE/Health) - [email protected]
Coach Fricks (PE/Health) - [email protected]
Coach Taylor (PE/Health) - [email protected]

6th Grade
Ms. Howell (ELA) - [email protected] 
Ms. Assalamy (ELA/SS) - [email protected]
Ms. Thompson (Science/SS) - [email protected]
Ms. Williams (Math) - [email protected]
Mrs. Stancil (Math) - [email protected]
Mr. Whitfield (Science) - [email protected] 

7th Grade
Ms. Saldivar (ELA/SS) - [email protected] 
Ms. Klinkicht (Math) - [email protected]
Ms. Mackey-Herring (Math) - [email protected]
Ms. VanNoske (Science) - [email protected]
Ms. Harris (ELA/SS) - [email protected]
Mr. Munoz (Science) - [email protected]
8th Grade   
Ms. Johnson (ELA/SS) - [email protected]
Ms. Davis (ELA/SS) - [email protected]
Ms. Holly-Brice (Math) - [email protected]
Ms. Cruz (Math) - [email protected]
Ms. Robbins (Science) - [email protected]
Ms. Rich (Science) - [email protected]
Custodial Staff
Ms. Shian Irizarry - [email protected]
Ms. Ruthie Pittman - [email protected]
Mr. Jon-James Gayle - [email protected]
Cafeteria Staff
Mr. Vito Scalia (Manager) - [email protected]
Karen Guion
Doris Smith
Deidra Talley
Nora Taylor
Marcy Shank
Bus Drivers 
Katerina Reynolds
Betty Adams - 522
Jeffrey Sutton - 523
Pamela Davis - 451
LaShanna Evans - 427
 Shelia Gardner - 545
Anita Hall - 488
Alvin Ingram - 482
Marcy Shank - 456
Nadirah Teachey - 442
Fannie Williams - 553 
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