Communication and Safety

We feel that communication is extremely important to the success of each one of our students.  As a result of this, we ask that parents stay in contact with teachers, as teachers will do the same.  To assist you, each teacher will keep an updated website for their classes to help keep you informed about assignments, in class and out.  This teacher developed and maintained webpage will offer links to helpful websites which help extend the classroom beyond the school. 

Safety and Security
School safety and security is something that we take very seriously.  Students cannot learn if they do not feel safe at school. Measures have been put into place to ensure a secure, safe environment.
  • Movement around the GHS campus has been limited.
  • Access Cards are provided to staff
  • Security cameras in place which allows us to see visitors before entering the school.
  • Access to a qualified and competent school resource officer.


Wayne School of Engineering Advisory

A regularly scheduled advisory will help Wayne School of Engineering students and teachers build positive, professional relationships through a positive guidance curriculum, which will help build, reinforce, and enhance 21st century skills.

  • To enhance student/teacherand student/student relationships,
  • To engage student thinking about future endeavors,
  • To build, reinforce, and enhance 21st century skills,
  • To strengthen student ownership of the school and program.
Program Organization:
  • Students will meet one day a week.
  • The length of time for each advisory is thirty minutes.
  • Student attendance is mandatory.
  • The guidance counselor designs the program.
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