Principal: Mario Re


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This is Mr. Mario Re the principal of Dillard Middle School.  I would like to start out by saying how excited I am to be the principal at Dillard Middle School.  We have many things planned with a focus around school wide structure, maintaining student discipline, and setting high expectations for all staff and students of Dillard Middle School.  GO TIGERS!    

I believe in school wide and individual classroom structure.  A structured routine is to be established by administration and teachers.   Students need to understand what is expected of them with relation to behavior and academics.  

In addition, a school wide discipline system should be in place in order for students to be aware of what is generally expected in all classrooms.  This system should be two-fold and handle all minor discipline issues in the classroom before going to administration.  In addition, a positive reward earned system should be in place for students to strive for being recognized for good behavior and academics.

"Sustained Active Teaching" should take place in every classroom in order to make sure students do not have free time for misbehavior to occur.   In addition, monitored class transitions by all staff should be mandatory.  The presence of adults eliminates many unnecessary incidents.  I believe that setting high expectations and a structured environment contributes to maximum student learning in the classroom.  A school and classroom that is structured reduces down time and maximizes student learning on a daily basis.  

Overall, effective classroom management is one of the most integral aspects of a successful school environment. Quality classroom management begins during the interview process and is monitored on an ongoing basis.   Teachers must have the ability to be organized, enforce rules and consequences, and provide rewards and incentives in a fair and consistent manner.   As a result, high time on task becomes a priority which eliminates any opportunity for misbehavior and in turn creates an environment conducive to teaching and learning.    

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