Makita X. Jenkins

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Grantham Bulldogs 

I am excited about the possibilities for this school year. As we pursue our goals of ensuring that we provide the best education possible for your child, we will need your continued support. As we present a united front, we will be better prepared to catapult your child in the direction of their goals. We will do our part to help them create attainable goals. These goals will pose some challenges, as any well established goal should. These challenges may cause some grumbling and complaining, on both sides, but we will not let that stop us from reaching a level that you and your child will be proud to claim in the end.  To help them reach their goal, these are a few ways  you can assist us:

Help us make sure your child:
Attends school daily, arrives on time, and remains for the entire day.
Completes all assignments given by teachers to be completed in school and for homework
Reads nightly to improve literacy and fluency skills which will begin to cultivate a habit of reading that begins to bring them pleasure
Informs you if he/she needs additional support in any area or subject


When your child realizes that the two entities of home and school are working together for their good, I envision a school where students show growth and proficiency rates that will reflect the commitment of our collaboration! 
Please let me know how we can assist you with this process, as we support and encourage our Bulldogs to reach their VISION!

Makita X. Jenkins, Principal

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