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Spring Creek High School Senior Awards June 2020 & Junior Marshals


Spring Creek High School

 Senior Awards

June 2020

Stephen Clingan, Principal

Jesse Taylor, Assistant Principal

Wendy Crane, Assistant Principal


The following Seniors have earned exemplary grades and high academic honors in the following subjects –

Roberta Wachter Award in English – Tiffany Taylor

Rolanda Best Award in Mathematics – Israel Graham

Roy Whitfield Award in Physical Education – Israel Graham

Thomas Kilpatrick Award in Science – Noelia Ortiz

Ginger Price Award in Social Studies – Feifei Kaglic

Exordium Award in Journalism – Eboni Brown, Jonah Daniels


2020 North Carolina Academic Scholars

North Carolina Academic Scholars have completed the requirements for an academically challenging high school program approved by the State Board of Education and maintained an unweighted cumulative grade point average

of 3.5 or higher.

Ethan Anderson                Amanda Haggerty              Davis Price

Gisele Avila-Torres           Alexandra Kimes               Valerie Smith

Katherine Ayala                Elizabeth Lynch                 Jalen Staps

Lynsey Blackburn                 Deysi Meza-Morales          Tiffany Taylor

Eboni Brown                           Noelia Ortiz                        Sophia Wallace

Emily Dupuy                         Karina Parra                      Tate West

Israel Graham                       Brent Pate                           Mickayla Wooten


National Honor Society

Members have maintained a weighted grade point average of 3.5 or higher, participated in school and community service projects, and possess good character and leadership qualities.

Ethan Anderson                                              Seth Johnson

Katherine Ayala                                              Ryan Jones

Tyrese Artis                                                     FeiFei Kaglic

Kevin Avila-Huerta                                        Alexandra Kimes

Gisele Avila-Torres                                         Joseph LeBron

Trinity Bass                                                     Daisy Lopez-Mendez

Jonathan Bautista-Aguilar                             Elizabeth Lynch

Khadijah Bizzell                                              Deysi Meza-Morales

Nasjai Bizzell                                                   Joseph O’Hara

Lynsey Blackburn                                           Noelia Ortiz

Eboni Brown                                        David Osorio-De La Cruz

Melinda Cardenas                                           Dylan Palk

Jonah Daniels                                                  Karinna Parra

Nathaniel Daniels                                            Brent Pate

Emily Dupuy                                                    Davis Price

Kierra Faison                                                   Natalie Slye

Israel Graham                                                  Valerie Smith

Maria Gutierrez Galeas                                  Jalen Staps

Amanda Haggerty                                           Melanie Stevens

Deonna Hammonds                                         Tiffany Taylor

Violeta Hernandez-Fierros                             Jayda Varney

Gracie Hinnant                                                Sophia Wallace

Melanie Huerta Castaneda                                        Tate West

Jairo Hurtado                                                  Mickayla Wooten

Daeja Hutcherson                                            Erin Zimmerman

Abigail Johnson


 Science National Honor Society

Members have maintained an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher with an overall average of 90 or above in all science classes.  Members must have taken an advanced class in one science subject.

Trinity Bass                                Joseph O’Hara

Nasjai Bizzell                              Noelia Ortiz

Melanie Huerta-Castaneda       Davis Price

Abigail Johnson                          Tiffany Taylor

Alexandra Kimes                        Valerie Smith

Devin Lee                                     Mickayla Wooten

Elizabeth Lynch                          Erin Zimmerman


National Technical Honor Society

Students participate in CTE courses, receive teacher recommendations, maintain an unweighted GPA of a 3.0 or higher, and have good attendance with no discipline record.

Rachel Duruttya                     Elizabeth Lynch     Davis Price

Melani Huerta-Castaneda     Kelli Mitchell          Valerie Smith

Abigail Johnson                      Noelia Ortiz            Jalen Staps

Ryan Jones                              Brent Pate               Melanie Stevens

Alexandra Kimes


Tri-M Music Honor Society

To be eligible for membership, a student must maintain a B average in their music classes, a B average in all of their academic courses, be presently enrolled in a music course at their school, and be recommended for membership by their school's music faculty.

Trinity Bass                           Erin Zimmerman

Devin Lee                               Jason Zimmerman


2020 Agricultural Academy Graduates

Agricultural Academy Graduates must maintain an overall unweighted GPA of a 2.8 or higher.  Students must complete four or more Agricultural Education classes prior to graduation and maintain at least a two year membership in FFA.  In addition, students must complete 25 hours of volunteer or community service throughout their high school career.

Lynsey Blackburn              Alexandra Kimes        Valerie Smith

Hayley Grady                      Elizabeth Lynch          Jalen Staps

Abigail Johnson                  Kelli Mitchell               Melanie Stevens

Seth Johnson                       Brent Pate                    Jayda Varney

Ryan Jones                          Davis Price


American Red Cross

The American Red Cross would like to recognize students that have volunteered and/or given blood.

Gisele Avila-Torres                   Deysi Meza-Morales

Khadijah Bizzell                         Erykah Mosley

Lynsey Blackburn                      Joseph O’Hara

Hayley Grady                             Noelia Ortiz

Deonna Hammonds                   David Osorio-De La Cruz

Melani Huerta-Castaneda         Brent Pate

Emmanuel Hurtado                   Davis Price

Daeja Hutcherson                      Jose Reynaga-Rivas

Alexandra Kimes                       Valerie Smith

Devin Lee                                    Jalen Staps

Adriana Lopez                           Jennifer Vega-Castaneda

Elizabeth Lynch                         Tate West

Jason Zimmerman


2020 Family & Consumer Sciences Academy

Students must have completed four FACS classes, 60 service hours (either voluntary or through work experience) and successfully passed two college classes in the area of Career & Technical Education.  Students must also maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA, be an active member in FCCLA, and  maintain a good disciplinary record.

Eboni Brown                Melani Huerta-Castaneda


2020 Health Sciences Academy Graduates

Health Sciences Academy Graduates have successfully completed four Allied Health Sciences courses and 60 volunteer service hours.  Requirements for academy membership include maintaining an unweighted grade point average of 2.8 or higher, an active HOSA membership, and a good disciplinary record.  Being a member of the Health Sciences Academy has prepared these students to enter into the healthcare industry or to continue their healthcare education at a college or university.

Khadijah Bizzell                Alexandra Kimes            Noelia Ortiz

Lynsey Blackburn             Devin Lee                         Davis Price

Hayley Grady                    Adriana Lopez                 Valerie Smith

Violeta Hernandez            Elizabeth Lynch               Jalen Staps

Emmanuel Hurtado          Deysi Meza-Morales       Tate West

Daeja Hutcherson


2020 Microsoft Imagine Academy Graduates

Microsoft Office Specialist certifications promote success in the classroom, build individual distinction, and prepare students for an increasingly competitive workforce.  Students must earn four industry-recognized certifications in Microsoft Office 2016.

Eboni Brown                  Jacky Fan                Feifei Kaglic


National Art Honor Society

Members must maintain High Achievement in Art, which must be recognized on a National Level.

Emily Dupuy                           Daisy Lopez-Mendez

Kierra Faison                          Sulma Lopez-Perez

Amanda Haggerty                   Dalien Roblero-Morales


 2020 Honor Graduates

Honor Graduates have maintained an unweighted cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher.

Ethan Anderson                                    Seth Johnson

Tyrese Artis                                           Ryan Jones

Kevin Avila-Huerta                              Alexander Juarez-Hernandez

Gisele Avila-Torres                               Feifei Kaglic

Katherine Ayala                                    Alexandra Kimes

Trinity Bass                                           Joseph LeBron

Jonathan Bautista-Aguilar                  Elizabeth Lynch

Yoni Berduo-Roblero                           Deysi Meza-Morales

Khadijah Bizzell                                    Erykah Mosley

Nasjai Bizzell                                         Noelia Ortiz

Lynsey Blackburn                                 David Osorio-De La Cruz

Eboni Brown                                          Dylan Palk

Kolby Bushrod                                       Karina Parra

Maria Chavez                                         Brent Pate

Jonah Daniels                                         Davis Price

Nathaniel Daniels                                   Citlaly Rodriguez-Cruz

Emily Dupuy                                          Natalie Slye

Kierra Faison                                         Valerie Smith

Hayley Grady                                         Jalen Staps

Israel Graham                                        Melanie Stevens

Maria Gutierrez-Galeas                        Tiffany Taylor

Amanda Haggerty                                  Karina Velazquez

Violeta Hernandez                                 Sophia Wallace

Gracie Hinnant                                      Tate West

Melanie Huerta-Castaneda                   Mickayla Wooten

Jairo Hurtado Avila                               Erin Zimmerman

                                                                                         Abigail Johnson


 Latin Honors

Cum Laude

 Ethan Anderson                  Maria Gutierrez-Galeas      Brent Pate

Tyrese Artis                         Ryan Jones                            Sophia Wallace

Trinity Bass                         Joseph LeBron                      Tate West

Jonah Daniels                      Deysi Meza-Morales            Mickayla Wooten

Kierra Faison                      Dylan Palk


Magna Cum Laude

 Kevin Avila-Huerta           Lynsey Blackburn            Karina Parra

Gisele Avila-Torres           Israel Graham                   Davis Price

Katherine Ayala                Amanda Haggerty            Jalen Staps

Nasjai Bizzell                     Melani Huerta-Castaneda


Summa Cum Laude

Khadijah Bizzell                  Feifei Kaglic                  Noelia Ortiz

Eboni Brown                       Alexandra Kimes          Valerie Smith

Emily Dupuy                       Elizabeth Lynch            Tiffany Taylor



2020 Junior Marshals

Victoria Perry – Chief Marshal

Ariadne Lugo-Cruz – Assistant Chief Marshal

Zachariah Moore – Assistant Chief Marshal


Mintzy Aguilar-Valenzuela         Joselyn Lugo-Cruz         Leslie Reyes-Melendez

Mark Aviles                                  Marshall Outlaw            Anna West

Lucas Barfield                              Erika Parra


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