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School Dress Code

The Board of Education will require that students adhere to standards of dress that are compatible with the requirement of a good school environment.  For review if the complete Student Dress Code and Appearance Policy, refer to Policy Code: 4305

Specific guidelines listed below will apply to all students:

1. Shorts, Skirts, dresses, or other clothing cannot be more than three inches above the top of the knee, including when leggings or tights are worn.

2. Shirts, tops, and dresses must cover the top of the shoulder and the armpits and have sleeves or be worn with a top that does have sleeves or an undergarment that covers the armpits.

3. Shirts and tops should be long enough to cover the midriff when sitting or standing; and shirts, tops and dresses must be buttoned high enough to cover the chest and the back of the body cannot be exposed.

4. No sagging pants allowed and pants cannot be worn with the waistband below the hipbone.

5. Underwear cannot be visible at any time.

6. No see-through or mesh clothing that will reveal the body or will reveal underwear.

7. Oversized clothing or too-tight clothing such as spandex bicycle/biker shorts, etc. will not be allowed.

8. Any form of attire which is indicative of gang affiliation is prohibited.

9. No headwear (hats, caps, hoods, kerchiefs, curlers, sweatbands, etc.) or sunglasses can be worn inside school buildings.

10. No bandannas.

11. Clothing will not be allowed that promotes alcoholic beverages, tobacco, the use of controlled substances, depicts violence, is of a sexual nature, or is of a disruptive nature.

12. Shoes must be worn at all times and in accordance with special requirements such as P.E. classes, ROTC, science labs, etc. Shoes that have laces must be laced and tied.

13. Clothing must be worn appropriately (nothing inside-out, backwards, rolled up pants leg, unfastened bib overalls, etc.) and belts must be buckled and worn at the waistline.

14. There will be no jewelry and/or spacers affixed to a student’s nose, tongue, lips, cheek or eyebrow.

15. Clothing designed for school athletic events, i.e. cheerleader outfits, etc. that do not meet the above guidelines cannot be worn during the instructional day unless appropriate outer garments are worn over the outfit.

16. Students in grade 4 through 12 must wear a belt if the garment has belt loops.

17. For security reasons, coats may not be worn inside the school building during the school day. Coats may be worn during class changes if the student is exiting the building. Coats may be worn to school and placed in the student’s locker or hung in the classroom.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-288; 115C-307 Adopted: June 4, 2001 Revised: March 26, 2007; Revised: December 5, 201: Revised: July 10, 2017

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