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5th Grade Supply List

Grantham Middle School

Fifth Grade Supply List

2022-2023 School Year

(Please note supplies must be replenished throughout the year!)


  • 3  packs of loose-leaf notebook paper

  • Three 1" binders
  • 5 dividers per subject
  • Folders

    • 1-Yellow - ELA-Reading

    • 1-Red - Social Studies

    • 1-Green - Math

    • 1-Blue - Science

  • Pencil Pouch-big enough to hold ALL supplies

  • #2 pencils

  • cap erasers

  • Handheld pencil sharpener

  • Glue sticks

  • 1- pack of colored pencils

  • EAR Buds to be used in the computer lab and in class

  • 1 pair of scissors 

  • Personal hand sanitizer

  • Multi-pack of dry erase markers - low odor

  • 4 different colored highlighters

  • Kleenex tissues

  • Planner to write homework, etc. (optional)

Wish List
The following items are used in great quantities and would be greatly appreciated!

Colored copy paper
Candy for treat jar
Paper towels
Hand Sanitizer
Expo Markers

Please make sure you put your name on all of your materials, preferably with a sharpie, and we will organize the binder together in the first week of school.