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Wayne County Board of Education postpone possible Grades K-5 "Plan A" transition
On Wednesday, September 23, the Wayne County Board of Education met to discuss, and to consider and/or take any necessary action regarding the Governor’s recent announcement to allow K-5 students to attend school in Plan A as early as October 5. Early in the meeting, the Board in a 5-2 vote decided if it were to approve a Plan A transition, it would occur no sooner than the end of the first grading period [Voting in Favor: Democko, Faulk, Leatham Vice-Chair Strickland & Chair West / Voting against: Burden & Henderson].
There was much discussion with district leadership about Plan A and information included in the following Plan A Opening Considerations and Questions document. Ultimately, the Board in a 4-3 vote decided if it were to approve a Plan A transition (at some point in the futute), it would occur no sooner than the end of the first semester [Voting in Favor: Burden, Democko Henderson, & Chair West / Voting against: Faulk, Leatham & Vice-Chair Strickland].
“Schools are in an ever-changing situation with the State,” said Chair Don Christopher West after the meeting. “Plan B is not perfect. But if we move to Plan A, it will be less disruptive to students and teachers if it happens at the end of the semester. Waiting will also give leadership and the Board more time to plan.”
Board members who voted in favor of delaying a possible Plan A transition until the semester break noted several reasons, including needing more time to: survey parents; determine if there can be consistency between fifth grade students split between elementary and middle schools; prepare to change and implement new protocols in schools and on buses associated with the lack of social distancing in Plan A; and solve potential Plan A transportation scheduling/cost concerns.