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North Drive Elementary School Parent and Family Engagement Policy
This school adheres to the philosophy that parental engagement is essential in the total teaching and learning process of children.  An annual Title I public meeting will be held at some time in September to discuss our school wide projects, federal regulations, and requirements as they relate to our Title I program and parents' rights to be involved.  School-Parent Compact Agreements will be sent home at the beginning of the year, outlining how parents, school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student achievement.

North Drive Elementary School provides the following parental engagement activities:
  • Parent Resource Center, located in room 126, equipped with materials (books, kits, games, etc.) that parents may check out to use with their child.
  • Parent workshops and seminars offered throughout the year.
  • Curriculum night events for each grade level to explain our policies, curriculum, and classroom expectations.
  • Classroom and School Volunteer Program
    •  This school's Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
    • Wayne County Schools' Advisory Council
    • Inclusion of selected parents on School Improvement Teams and Committees
    • This school's report card sent home annually
  • Home/school communications through school website, student handbook, newsletters, progress reports, etc.