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WCPS responds to State decision to postpone forced ISD takeover of Carver Heights Elementary
During its November 1, 2018, meeting, the North Carolina State Board of Education – in a 7-5 vote – postponed making any decision regarding the North Carolina Innovative School District (ISD) recommendation for the forced takeover of Carver Heights Elementary. Dr. Michael Dunsmore, Superintendent, released the following statement:

We appreciate that members of the State Board of Education recognized the concerns that my administration and Board of Education have expressed about this year’s ISD selection process. Even at this late date, it was clear in listening to the information presented by ISD leaders just how unaware they are of what is happening at Carver Heights Elementary.

While we are disappointed that Carver Heights Elementary was not removed from the ISD list, we look forward to providing the members of the State Board of Education the information they need to make an informed decision next month. We also appreciate the opportunity this delay gives us to refute information the ISD provided to the State Board to try to justify its forced takeover recommendation.

Moving forward, we are laser-focused on Carver Heights Elementary and we are confident that the actions we are taking and those previously underway will dramatically improve that school’s performance and the opportunities for our children.  Most recently, the Wayne County Board of Education hired two of the State’s most effective and experienced school turnaround experts as proof of our ongoing commitment to build on current school improvement efforts.  The district is committed to bringing about meaningful and lasting changes at our school.

With our track record and success in previous turnaround and restart efforts, we believe we are in a far better position to bring about the changes needed at Carver Heights in a way that our community will fully support, as opposed to a forced takeover by an unknown entity with no proven track record, no plan, and virtually no knowledge or understanding of our community.