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Meet Ms. Bowden!

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Hello my name is Quintina Bowden. I was born and raised here in Goldsboro, NC. I am a graduate of Goldsboro High School class of 1996. After graduation I enetered the United States Army. After the military I began my school carreer at Wayne Community College then transfered to the University of Mount Olive.  I am a mother of two wonderful young men ages 21 and 15. I love children of all ages, and I've worked with NC Pre-K, elementary, and middle school students. Once your students become my students they will forever be my student. Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Ms. Bowden’s Daily Schedule

8:30-9:00  Morning greeting,Breakfast,Bathroom

9:00-9:25  Morning Circle

9:30-11:00  ELA Block

11:05-11:15  Restroom

11:20-11:50  Reading Interventions

11:55-12:20  Lunch

12:25-12:45  Recess

12:45-12:55  Restroom

1:00-1:55      Specials

2:00-3:30      Math/Snack

3:30-4:00     Math Interventions

4:00-4:10     Agenda/Pack-up

4:15-4:30     Compliment Circle

Homework Policy 2019-2020 

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Homework is a powerful tool for learning and a necessary part of any student’s successful mastery of skills and knowledge. You can expect that your child will have various homework assignments during the school year. These assignments will usually take no longer than twenty minutes to complete. On weekends, I will make no formal assignments, but students can use this time to read, they should read each night for twenty minutes.

      Homework due dates will be given on the day it is assigned. I expect students to turn work in on time. Students will be required to turn in their homework to the homework bin located on my desk. Homework will not be graded, but will be checked for completeness and understanding of material. If there is a problem, please send a note to let me know so that I can help your child. After three incomplete homework assignments, a letter will be sent home to notify you of the missed assignments. 

      During the first few months of school, I will be initialing student assignment books after a homework assignment is given. As the year progresses and students work towards independence, I will be giving them more responsibility to hold themselves accountable in keeping track of their homework assignments. Daily homework assignments can also be found in your child’s daily agenda with my initials. 

      You can help your child do well on homework assignments by setting aside a study time each night, encouraging good work habits, and contacting me if there is a problem that we can all solve together.

      Please discuss these points with your child. Please sign below and return the bottom portion of this letter to school with your child.  Keep the part above the dotted line for your reference.


                                                            Ms. Bowden



Effective Classroom Management Plan


Teacher: Quintina Bowden                        Grade: 3rd

School: Carver Heights Elementary

Class Rules and Expectations

Guidelines for success are prominently posted, taught and referred to when discussing classroom behavior. Guidelines are overall guiding principles for student attitudes and behavior. School wide expectations are in place, they are used in the classroom and throughout the school. Students can identify the guidelines for success and describe the meaning of them. 

Our school has overall expectations for behavior that we use in our classrooms. They are stated throughout the building, and they are clarified in specific situations, like hallways, classrooms, bathrooms, lunchroom, etc. They are SOAR!

S show respect for myself and others

O organize my day for success

A actively listen and learn

R respond with self control

Plan is in place to teach, and reteach classroom rules throughout the school year, including after breaks in the school calendar. Rules are quoted when students need to be redirected:

We have taught Soar guidelines, and we refer to it regularly in our classroom.We will revisit/reteach after all school breaks.

Consequences for rule violations are identified and are directly taught to students. Rule violations and the misbehaviors are corrected calmly, consistently, briefly, and immediately. Consequences will be given at the lowest level considered necessary to change the students behavior: 

In my classroom, when a rule is broken, here is the course of action:

  1. Student is redirected and reminded of the rule.
  2. Student  is warned again.
  3. Student seat is changed.
  4. Student  is put in a time out situation, parent contact made.
  5. If the behavior continues, a referral is entered in the behavioral system.


Attention signal is identified:

 The signal is 5,4,3,2,1. By the time we get to 1, students should be quiet and attentive. 

Desk/room arrangement is so all students are easily accessible by the teacher and necessary materials and supplies are accessible to students in an orderly fashion:

      My classroom is set up in 3 five man and 2 three man pods. Each student is accessible to the teacher as well as the board. Each student desk has a desk tag with the students name on it, along with a numbers chart and multiplication chart. Also on the desk tag are

the alphabets, and numbers.

Policy and procedure for tardies/absences

Absences: when students are absent, it is their responsibility to get with the teacher to discuss all missed work. Students will have three full days to get all missed assignments in that was missed during the absence. 

Tardies: when students are tardy, I record them in Power School. After two  tardies, I have a conversation with the parent to try and get to the root of the problem. If the tardies continue a call is placed to the school social worker. 

Policy and procedure is in place for turning in assignments:

When an assignment is due, I make the announcement for students to turn in the assignment. All homework is noted on the board, picture taken and uploaded to the class Dojo page for parents.

Daily schedule is prominently posted:

The daily schedule is posted at the front of the classroom, outside the classroom door, also at both group tables in the back. 

Encouraging all students

I often vocalize the good behaviors that I see students engaging in daily. The majority of teacher/student interactions are positive. 

There is no extrinsic motivation plan in place for my students. Students generally respond well to the structure and routines in my classroom early in the school year. 

Parent signature: __________________________________________

Student signature: __________________________________________


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