Pre-K Coordinator

Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to Pre-K! It is so exciting to serve Pre-Kindergarten students!

Pre-Kindergarten education lays the foundation for student success. Within the Pre-K classrooms, we strive to offer an engaging environment that merges foundational skill instruction and play. As Pre-K coordinator, I serve students at School Street Early Learning Center and throughout our district. Students that I serve are either part of the NC Pre-K program, Wages Headstart or the Exceptional Children’s program.

It is my belief that all children deserve the opportunity for success. Success may, however, occur at different levels, different times and different rates. As we work to foster the foundation for success, we look at the needs of each child and work to design developmentally appropriate instruction to meet their needs both academically and socially. Every child deserves a chance and we strive to give all of our program participants that chance.

The School Street Early Learning Center and all other Pre-K sites operate on the same schedule as our traditional public schools. Pre-K students attend school five days per week, all day for 180 days. All Pre-K facilities close for teacher workdays and for an additional five training days imbedded in the calendar.

I look forward to continually working with our community to help start our youth on their pathway to success. The knowledge we impart into our Pre-Kindergarten students today, will forever impact their futures! It is never too early to the learning process!

Shaquanya Hutcherson- Early Learning Coordinator


Phone: 919-731-5960