Appearing Before the Board

The Wayne County Board of Education welcomes comments from our parents, students, and community.  The public comment period is open for members of the public, including parents and students to voice compliments, concerns or complaints about performance of school personnel, implementation of board policy, the quality of the education program or school facilities. 

Each person is granted three (3) minutes for his/her presentation.  This portion of the meeting is for the Board to hear matters of interest from the public; however, obscene, vulgar, or profane statements and statements reasonably perceived to be disruptive or imminently threatening to the orderly operation of the meeting, shall not be permitted.

An organization or delegation representing the same topic is encouraged to select one individual to make a presentation on its behalf.

Except in cases of emergency, information received during presentations will generally not be acted upon at the time it is received but will be considered for potential action in the normal course of business.

Individuals with concerns or complaints are strongly encouraged to initially seek a response from the school district official responsible for the program or facility, or from the superintendent. 

Any person who wants to distribute written materials or handouts to the Board is directed to leave those items at the speaker’s podium for the Board’s clerk to retrieve and deliver to the Board members.