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Prospective Educator Information

Top 10 Reasons To Teach Here!

Certified Salary Schedule

Wayne County Public Schools' teachers and other licensed staff (e.g. media specialists, psychologists, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, counselors and social workers) are paid on state-adopted salary schedules.

Salaries are based on licensure, years of experience, and degree held. Check out Current Salaries to find out how much you will make as a teacher or certified employee.

Local Benefits for Teachers

Our local businesses are glad you chose Wayne County to live and teachThrough the "Golden Rule Program" offered by the Wayne Education Network and the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce's "Teacher Recruitment & Retainment Committee", our district is able to offer its teachers and staff a customized incentive package.

To view a list of the many discounts and opportunities that local businesses have offered to help attract and retain valuable educators in Wayne County, click on local benefits local benefits.

License Renewal Requirements

NCDPI issues all continuing licenses for 5-year cycles. License holders are required to earn 8.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per 5-year renewal cycle in order to have their license renewed for the next 5-year cycle. Of the total 8.0 CEUs that are required to renew a license, please see the breakdown below.

Renew Continuing licenses expiring on or after June 30, 2020

Click on the following link to the North Carolina Department of Public instruction's  "Licensure" webpage.

National Board Certification

Every student deserves to be taught by an accomplished teacher. National Board Certification was designed to develop, retain, and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. It is the most respected professional certification available in K-12 education.

Reasons to Certify?
There are many reasons to become board-certified. Board-certified teachers prove their effectiveness in the classroom every day:

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

If you are interested in National Board Certification please contact Dominique Grady at

NEW! Residency License Pathway



The residency license is a new licensure pathway that is replacing what the field currently knows as lateral entry. Many of the components associated with this new route are similar to how lateral entry functions. 

Educator Preparation Programs

What is an EPP?

An Education Preparation Program, or EPP, is an institution or organization that prepares, trains and recommends students for teacher licensure. Four-year universities or colleges are the most common EPPs, but some approved programs are not institutionally affiliated. With some EPPs, courses may not carry college redit but will still lead to a recommendation for teacher licensure. Please be sure to use a North Carolina approved Educator Preparation Program.

Licensure 101

In-State & Out-of-State License Information

Lifetime License Request

A lifetime license is a license issued to a teacher after 30 or more years of teaching that requires no renewal. 

Per Senate Bill 219 - A teacher shall be determined to have completed 30 or more years of teaching as a licensed teacher when the teacher holds a current North Carolina teaching license and has completed 30 or more years of creditable service with the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System. 

Every educator is still required to answer the "Statement of Applicant" questions, upload documentation from the Teachers and State Employees Retirement System (TSERS) showing 30 years of service and pay a $35 processing fee for the lifetime license renewal application with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  

Certified Substitute Teacher License Renewal Information

Are you a WCPS Certified Substitute Teacher in need of license renewal? If so, please read the information below to help with your license renewal needs.

Teacher Scholarships

If you are a prospective teacher, Wayne County Public Schools wants to help you take advantage of financial resources that are available to future teachers. Whether you are in college, entering college, or just looking to change careers, you may be eligible for available scholarships and loans that can help ease your financial burden for continuing education.

For more information, click on Teacher Scholarships and Loan