School & Instructors

Air Force JROTC 

Eastern Wayne High

Col. Jesse Smith
Sgt. Lu Turner

Southern Wayne High

Col.  George Schantz
MST Dennis Hall


Charles B. Aycock

Major Anton D. Alston
SFC Joseph Moye

Goldsboro High

CPT Del Williams
1SG Lem Gray

Rosewood High

CPT Jeremy Peters
SFC Dinah Uzzell-Tootle


The mission of Wayne County Public Schools JROTC is "to motivate young people to become better citizens".  We do this by using sound teaching skills and leadership experience to teach self-discipline, confidence, teamwork, and pride in a job well done. We have high standards for this very popular elective class and we expect the best from our cadets.

There is considerable physical and mental activity in JROTC. In addition to the academic requirements, there are many hours devoted to the practice of drill and ceremony, proper wear of the military uniform, dining etiquette and much more. The extra effort is worth it and that is why our cadets demonstrate such high levels of achievement, leadership, and teamwork.