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Dr. Carol H. Artis

Dr. Carol H. Artis

Executive Director of C&I/Federal Programs
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"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it."            
~ Marian Wright Edelman

Welcome to the Wayne County Public Schools Elementary Education website.  In our school system, the elementary schools are committed to increasing achievement levels for all students and reducing achievement gaps for specific groups of learners.  Education is a shared responsibility. An exemplary and inclusive twenty-first century public education system can only be sustained through the combined dedication and active involvement of students, staff, parents, community and government. Together, we can assure our students embrace their future as life-long learners and globally competitive citizens.

Elementary Overview

Wayne County Public Schools is committed to providing a learning environment and a curriculum that maximizes student learning and development.  At the elementary level, a variety of instructional strategies are implemented to ensure that all students are actively involved in the learning process. By engaging students in developmentally appropriate instruction, students gain the academic, social, emotional and physical skills needed to be successful life-long learners.

Our balanced instructional program includes research based strategies that promote a variety of thinking skills in all curriculum areas.  Assessments are used to drive instructional decisions, interventions, and acceleration.

We are dedicated to a collaborative partnership between home, school and community  which will promote the common goal of providing a successful school experience for all students.